Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! To get to know me, my name is Mallorie Sanders and I am a sophomore at Texas State University majoring in electronic media and mass communications. I am currently a videographer for my college’s radio station, KTSW 89.9 as well as work as an audio/video assistant in my college’s business school. I am someone who enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking or soaking up the sun. I also love animals and spend majority of my time volunteering at animal shelters. I like to explore new restaurants or things to do with my friends, so I thought I would make a blog and write about the activities I find to be either extremely interesting or just a waste of time.

I live in San Marcos, Texas, which is just about 40 minutes outside of Austin, Texas. I always enjoy going to Austin, which I thought would be the perfect location to explore various new activities or restaurants that I have yet to try, but have often heard about. Austin is popular for its live-music scene as well as its food and many parks that people are able to hike or bike at. A lot of Austin’s trails also feature swimming spots that are really well-known in the area. However, there are many hidden places that only people from Austin really know about.

My website is about exploring new restaurants and activities in Austin and recommending them to you all. I will also be including my own photos in order for my readers to actually see each place I’m describing. There are many websites that list things to do in Austin, such as Do512 or 365ThingsAustin, which explain many activities for people to try. I will be following these lists as well as other popular places that people from Austin have told me about in order to hopefully help visitors in Austin or people who are just new to the area, decide which activity they should invest their time into. I am hoping to find some new favorite places for me to share with my friends and family in the process!

Make sure to follow my blog in order to keep up to date to my newest posts about some activities I have found interesting!