Content Creation & Social Media

Creating content online was a very beneficial experience in my opinion. I think everyone should learn what it takes to create content and using social media in order to promote your posts. Many people aren’t into social media, or only just post pictures of themselves. I’m used to promoting things on social media and helping create content for social media as I’m a videographer for the KTSW radio station which involves thinking in different ways to appeal to social media.

Using Twitter in order to promote posts was very beneficial for my website. Using the hashtags #fdom18 and #txst was able to bring Texas State students to see my website as I’m sure people tend to creep on the hashtags for inspiration for their own website posts. I would like to improve my content that I was putting on my website, for example, there were weekends where I was super busy and I wouldn’t be able to take as many photos as I’d like because I could only spend so much time at one place. Or I would use old photos for reference instead of being able to explore a whole new different place that I have yet to visit. This is able to benefit me because I get to understand the pressure of putting out great content for viewers as well as having to promote my posts. There are many people who are social media influencers who always have post everyday on their social medias as well as promote new projects they have. I will be implementing the use of WordPress in the future, as I had no experience prior to this project. I feel like having to run a website is super exciting because you get to write your feelings as well as put out photos or videos for viewers to see. I could also use this in the future in a job if a company has a website they’re running and I will be able to understand the need for great content to be posted and promoted.

March 5th was my most popular week, with 11 views and 4 visitors. My most popular post was Barton Creek Greenbelt with 10 views. I had a lot of views that came from Twitter, so I’m guessing that’s why I had so many views that week. Also, Barton Creek Greenbelt is a popular hiking spot in Austin and I had some search engine referrers so I think many people ran upon my post after Googling the hiking spot. Nothing was really surprising to me with my stats, all of my views came from the US. However, I didn’t expect so many views to come from my Twitter posts. It comes to show that promoting on different social media websites will overall benefit you.

The assignment was overall very fun and exciting to be able to run my own website, which I’ve never done besides using Tumblr. It’s nice to be able to write your own thoughts and share some things you find interesting to other people!

If you’re interested in following my social media to further track what exploring I do everyday, you can find my instagram here. 


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