Lucky Lab Coffee

In Austin, there are many coffee shops that are around but which one should you visit? I have visited Lucky Lab Coffee many of times and have always had a wonderful experience. I always try to get new drinks there each time I go in order to explore their various drinks on their menu. Even if you don’t like coffee, they also have lemonades and flavored teas for anyone to try. The overall atmosphere is very pleasant and I highly recommend visiting if you want to have some great tasting coffee.

At Lucky Lab Coffee, you’re able to bring your pets outside on the patio while you sip your coffee. Their menu has a wide arrange of choices, where you can customize your drink with different syrups and types of milk. Their coffee is very rich and unique tasting, which is why I recommend it to my friends each time I go. If it’s on a hot day, you can also have iced coffee instead of hot coffee. They also have samples of brownies that you can try which is nice for a sweet treat!

Lucky Lab Coffee used to be a truck that was run by owners Ron and Courtney when they lived in Maui. However, it grew to be it’s own coffee shop once they moved to Austin, Texas. The shop also consists of different shirts or merchandise that you can choose from. Lucky Lab Coffee truly feels like a place that makes you feel at home with the atmosphere and the warm sips of coffee. It’s a very unique place to visit in Austin for a quick coffee stop and I would recommend trying it out!


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