HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Austin has many well-known art galleries throughout the city. One of them, however, constantly changes. The HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a popular tourist spot in Austin, Texas. It’s a place of multiple walls full of graffiti art, in which you can also participate by buying spray cans. It’s located in Castle Hills and started off as a place for vandalism but the owners of the property saw it as art. The 80s tradition kept building on as more people spray painted art in order to “Keep Austin Weird.”

I have only visited the place once but I thought it was a super unique place to visit. It’s super popular and usually has a lot of tourists visiting and admiring the art. There’s people who will come and spend hours spraying away and making beautiful murals. There are also people who propose here by spray painting, “Will you marry me?” On the walls, people are constantly spray painting over other’s spray paint, so it changes every day. You’re also available to spray paint if you bring your own! It’s a cool spot to take pictures with your friends, however, in addition, if you climb to the top, you can see an amazing view of Austin’s skyline. Also, at the bottom, you have a choice of food trucks to eat at as well as surrounding restaurants to choose from.

Unfortunately, this amazing spot is soon to be relocated as it’s being demolished in order to make room for a family development. Many people in Austin are upset about the news of demolition of this wonderful landmark. However, they are relocating by moving one of the concrete walls into another area for the tradition to continue. Will it be the same though? People are arguing that it won’t.

The place will be open until June, so I highly recommend going in order to see the art before it’s demolished! Make sure to bring your camera!


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