A popular activity in Austin, Texas is South by Southwest. It happens every spring consisting of a music festival, film festival, conferences and interactive media. Both celebrities and artists come down in order to either perform a concert, speak about their business or new films they’re in. It is labeled as helping creative people achieve their goals. It’s a very popular and well-known activity in Austin, Texas. People from all different states come down just for SXSW.

I’ve gone for two years and I went this past spring break. I usually go to only the music festivals at SXSW as I love seeing live music. However, I don’t buy a music pass (they’re super expensive); I usually RSVP and wait in long lines for the events which in my opinion is worth the wait because you’re getting in for free. The music passes just guarantee that you’ll get in and without waiting in long lines.

Both of my experiences last year and this year were really positive. I always have a fun time even with the big crowd of people in Austin. It’s basically a free event as long as you prepare before by signing up for RSVPs. There also tons of places that have free food and drinks! Also, tons of food trucks or buses promoting their company hand out tons of free items.

If you’re interested in the music festival, you’re bound to recognize the performers. This year, I saw Rae Sremmurd, Maxo Kream, A.CHAL and Mike WiLL Made-It. I went with my boyfriend and his group of friends and I enjoyed having a big group of people to go with! Going with a group of friends was helpful just in case someone got lost, because it was easy to find your group of friends in the crowd.

Overall, SXSW is a super exciting experience. I’m sure the other conferences or film festivals are just as fun as the music festivals are. I HIGHLY recommend going to SXSW at least once in order to see what all the talk is about!



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