A Blog Review: atmtx photo blog

Upon searching for blogs similar to mine, I found atmtx photo blog which is an extremely unique blog. The blog features different places in Austin, Texas with photos to show each place visited as well as a short description describing the adventure that was included in each photo. I find the blog to be very appealing with the photos because of their bright colors that draw people in to click on each post.

I’m a person who loves photography and am obsessed with cameras, so seeing their blog along with them explaining the camera used in each photo as well as explaining if they shot in JPEG or RAW is super interesting to me. The colors of the blog are just really alluring and I love each shot that’s included in a post. The photos aren’t just normal boring photos but they really display the place they went to in a unique way. For example, their blog post about Austin’s Central Library features an image of the stairs looking up at them, which gives a very different outlook to show the structure of the new library.

The blogger also posts photos of some Austin restaurants and writes a blurb about them also. They give their opinion and also include an artsy shot of the restaurant. Also, the blogger shot photos of the Blanton Museum describing when the exhibit they visited closes. The blog is similar to mine as they post information under each photo and also gives their opinion which is extremely helpful to readers. They are able to recommend places readers should visit or shouldn’t visit which helps people visiting in Austin or people living in Austin.

Overall, the blog is beautifully displayed and the information is informative as well. The blog is able to show readers Austin, Texas in a different way in a way of photography.

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