Lockout Austin

Last Sunday, I went with my boyfriend and his friends to Lockout Austin, which is a live escape room. Escape rooms are where you’re in a room where you have 60 minutes to figure out how to solve a series of puzzles in order to complete an objective. Along the way, you’re able to receive a limited amount of hints in order to help you and your team. Even though this sounds easy, the puzzle is a lot more difficult to solve than you think.

Our escape room was called WW3: The Conspiracy Theory, which is where you had to figure out how to disarm a bomb that was planted somewhere in the world in order to prevent World War 3 from occurring if the bomb was detonated. When we first got into the room, an actor came into our room telling us our mission, which I thought was really unique. As it starts, you have to look around the room for any clues. The room is always decorated to match the theme of the story and usually decorations hide a clue that can help you solve the objective. There are also always locks on objects that you either have to find a key for or figure out the code for. You also have to keep your eyes peeled for anything that correlates with each other and notice objects that are different than the others. You’re able to have whiteboards, pen and paper to write things down, which you will have to do in order to remember numbers, letters or words. The T.V. on the wall will pop up with hints when you use your walkie-talkie to ask for hints and you’re only able to have 6 clues. The T.V. also features a countdown from 60 minutes which will create tension for your team to rush to figure things out when you all realize you’re running out of time.

The game requires tons of teamwork in order to help solve the objective. We had 6  people in my team and you’re able to have up to 8 people. My team was able to successfully work together to figure out clues and help each other out. We struggled a bit and had to use 5 of our hints to help us out when we got stuck. However, we fortunately were able to finish the objective and solve all of the puzzles to prevent the bomb from detonating. We had 7 minutes and 18 seconds left to spare! After we got out, we got together and took a picture with props, showing off our time.

Overall, I think an escape room in Austin is something fun for you and your family to do when the weather isn’t too great outside or you just aren’t a person who likes the outdoors. It isn’t that expensive either, it’s $25 per person. Escape rooms are a mind-challenging game in which you’re guaranteed to have fun at, so I highly recommend it if you haven’t experienced an escape room before!


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